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Get in touch -       Mobile: 07786 967 639       Email:guy@guyhampsonpt.com


Guy has a first class reputation as a highly effective and professional personal trainer. He has a wealth of experience training clients in gym, home and outdoor environments. Accredited by the Register of Exercise Professionals, FitPro, the NHS and The British Boxing Board of Control, Guy is passionate about adding value to the clients training experience.

Specialities include:

  • management of chronic lower back pain
  • body conditioning for martial arts and ski racing
  • weight management

  • boxing instruction
  • body toning & sculpting
  • core strength and stability


Based in Epsom, Surrey, Guy offers sessions at the Epsom College Fitness Centre and also home visits in the surrounding area.


Clients say...

My experience with Guy Hampson Personal Training was an extremely beneficial and enjoyable one. As a result of my sessions I not only felt fitter, but more importantly I felt more confident when attempting different forms of training. He made me realise that I had previously been so timid in approaching my own programme, and(…)

Amanda Mills

At the start of my sessions with Guy I weighed 96kg with 25% body fat. After 5 months (12 PT sessions) I achieved a weight loss of 8kg and reduced my fat percentage to 20%. Guy is a fantastic personal trainer with a vast knowledge. I cannot thank him enough as I have totally changed(…)

Robin Dolbear